What is the Janka Hardness Test?


    Wondering what the best type of hardwood is for your indoor / outdoor floor, or deck?  First you should consider where the product is going.  If it’s going into a kids playroom or room that is often used you’ll want hardwood that is in actually hard.  To calculate the hardness of a piece of a hardwood, the Janka hardness test is used.  This industry standard test’s purpose is to measure the resistance of wood to denting and extensive wear.  It works by measuring the force required to embed a .444 inch steel ball into the wood to half the ball’s diameter.  How much force the ball needs to be embedded into your hardwood will show you if your hardwood is easily dented.

The hardness of the wood also varies on the direction of the wood grain.  Testing on the surface of a plank perpendicular to the grain is known as side hardness.  Testing on the cut surface of a stump is known as end hardness.  The most common reason for testing is to determine whether the species of hardwood you have is a suitable use of flooring for your home.


Above is the list showing the hardness of various hardwoods.  If you’re redoing your hardwood floors or renovating a deck remember to plan accordingly.  If you have small children that enjoy dropping anything and everything they get their hands on then you’re going to want a harder type of flooring.  The softer the wood, the more it will wear down while the harder the wood the longer it takes to wear down.


        As you might expect, Ipe is exceptionally strong. It outranks Teak, Oak, and many other hardwoods. It’s also 8 times harder than Redwood, a fact that surprises many except those who own a deck or floor made of Ipe.

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Ipe Decking Used in American Landmarks

Why should you choose Ipe Decking for you project?  Consider this: historic landmarks and commercial hubs all across America have settled on Ipe to meet their needs. Take the Brooklyn Bridge walkway, for example.  Literally millions of people walk or bike across that path; just imagine how disastrous a breaking board could be in that situation!  Needless to say, if it’s good enough for the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s good enough for you.

So why did the builders of such famous attractions as the Atlantic City Boardwalk and the Edgartown Lighthouse in Martha’s Vineyard decide to go with Ipe?  Over the next few blog posts, we’ll take a look at some of Ipe’s unique features and discover how it has contributed to the legacy of these famous locations.

From its unparalleled durability in even the harshest environments to its beauty under pressure, Ipe is a reliable winner, perfect for both high-stress commercial applications and quieter suburban homes.  Contact us to get a free price quote today!