Why Ipe'?

One of the strongest woods in the world

Environmentally friendly

Low maintenance

Up to a Class A fire rating for flame spread

Termite, Mold & Fungi resistant

No knots

High scratch & slip resistance

Can outlast composite material

Twice as strong as Oak

Time proven on many commercial projects

Better than teak

Great for docks, gazebos, benches, & tables

Worldwide shipping is available

Large selection of stock sizes

Up to 20 feet long

Up to 6x6 timbers

We custom mill to your dimensions

Comparably priced with composite decking choices

Available with hidden fastening system


Welcome to our Ipe Decking & Accessories page.  We offer all of the hidden fasteners, deck boards, and Ipe framing material needed to build your deck.  Our Ipe is selected to offer great color and high density.   We directly import our Ipe decking products from South America and by working with the logging companies, we are able to hand select the finest Ipe and provide it to our customers at great prices. Rob Pelc, owner and operator of Advantage Trim & Lumber personally visits each of the logging mills to inspect and select the Ipe he uses for his products. See Rob at one of the Brazilian Ipe decking mills by clicking here. Click here to see why Ipe is the best decking material in the world! If you have any questions, please contact us!

Ipe is such a hard, dense wood it does require a little different method of installation than other decking. Click here to read more about it.

We ship worldwide!!!!!


(3′–7′ lengths only)
¾″ x 3 ½″
1x4 +PLUS®
(3′–7′ lengths only)
21mm x 3 ½″
(3′–7′ lengths only)
¾″ x 5 ½″
1x6 +PLUS®
(3′–7′ lengths only)
21mm x 5 ½″
(3′–7′ lengths only)
1″ x 3 ½″
(3′–7′ lengths only)
1″ x 5 ½″


¾″ x 3 ½″
1x4 +PLUS®
21mm x 3 ½″
¾″ x 5 ½″
1x6 +PLUS®
21mm x 5 ½″
1″ x 3 ½″
1″ x 5 ½″
1″ x 7 ¼″
1″ x 9 ¼″
1″ x 11 ¼″
(3′–4′ lengths only)
1 ½″ x 1 ½″
(5′–14′ lengths only)
1 ½″ x 1 ½″
Call for Pricing
1 ½″ x 3 ½″
1 ½″ x 5 ½″
1 ½″ x 7 ¼″
1 ½″ x 9 ¼″
1 ½″ x 11 ¼″
2 ½″ x 5 ½″
2 ½″ x 7 ¼″
3 ½″ x 3 ½″
5 ½″ x 5 ½″
Post Caps
1 ½″ x 9 ¼″ x 9 ¼″
1 ½″ x 7 ¼″ x 7 ¼″
1 ½″ x 5 ½″ x 5 ½″
$27.50 ea.
Slip Post
7″ x 7″ x 48″
$164.72 ea.
1x4 Tongue & Groove
11/16″ x 3″
1x6 Tongue & Groove
11/16″ x 5″
1x6 +PLUS® Tongue & Groove
¾″ x 5″
5/4x4 Tongue & Groove
15/16″ x 3″
5/4x6 Tongue & Groove
15/16″ x 5″
Quarter Round Molding
½″ x ¾″
Ipe Plugs
⅜″ Tapered
$15.00/100 pack
$130.00/1000 pack
*Tongue & Groove is for use under covered porches only.
Decking sold in even and odd lengths between 6' to 20'.
We can pull your order to specific lengths.
Add an additional upcharge of $0.80 per lineal foot for 15+ foot lengths.
Add $1.00 per lineal foot for 19' & 20' lengths.
We ship Ipe decking worldwide!!!

> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

Deck Calculator

Square Footage Deck Calculator For Standard Decking

Input Your Square Footage Here
Linear Footage
Linear Footage For 5 1/2" Board
Linear Footage For 3 1/2" Board

Square Footage Deck Calculator For T & G Porch Decking

Input Your Square Footage Here
Linear Footage
Linear Footage For 5" Face on Board
Linear Footage For 3" Face on Board

Tongue & Groove Ipe Porch Decking

Ipe TongueIpe Groove

Tongue & Groove Ipe Porch Decking
Our beautiful Ipe porch decking installed at the prestigious Founders Club in Sarasota Florida.
Tongue & Groove is recommended for use under a covered porch roof.

Ipe Siding

Rustic (B-Grade) Ipe Decking Sale

b-grade ipe decking
B-grade Ipe Decking contains defects such as knots, milling errors, pin holes and other irregularities. These defects can not be included in our standard clear Ipe Decking. But we are offering this B-Grade Decking to our customers at a drastically reduced price. Check out the savings BELOW!!!
1x6 B-Grade
¾″ x 5 ½″
2x6 B-Grade
1 ½″ x 5 ½″
5/4x4 B-Grade
1″ x 3 ½″
5/4x6 B-Grade
1″ x 5 ½″
**Limited to Current in Stock Material. Please Call For Availability.**

Interior Ipe Hardwood Flooring

3″ Flooring
¾″ x 3″
$5.40/sq ft
5″ Flooring
¾″ x 5″
$6.25/sq ft
Custom Width Flooring
Custom Sizes Available
Call for Price


ipe clip
Ipe Clip Fasteners
The IPE CLIP ® System - An edge mount deck fastening system. No surface screws showing! Click here to learn how the IPE CLIP ® System works. Fiberglass Reinforced fasteners for use on 3/4", 1" or thicker material. Comes with high grade 305 grade stainless steel screws with torx drive....these are the best screws available for decking...great for salt water applications too!!!

Width of Deck Board
Joist Spacing 3½" 5½"
24" 87² 175²
16" 63² 100²
12" 44² 87²
ipe plugs
Ipe Plugs
3/8"  Tapered Ipe Plugs - These are convenient to plug holes left by face screwed ipe decking planks.
For more info... Ipe plug specs & pictures
$15.00/100 pack
$47.74/350 pack
$136.41/1,050 pack
$216.52/1,750 pack
extreme plugs
Extreme Plugs™
Premium Ipe Plugs that have numerous advantages over traditional Ipe Plugs. CLICK HERE to learn more about Extreme Plugs
$20.00/100 pack
$63.65/350 pack
$181.86/1,050 pack
$288.66/1,750 pack
eb ty
Eb-Ty ® System
An edge mount deck fastening system. No surface screws showing! Click here to learn how the Eb-Ty® System works. Not recommended for use on 3/4" material.
deck screws
DeckWise® Decking Screws
Reliability and high quality are the standards the DeckWise decking screws live by. Made from 305 stainless steel, the DeckWise® screws are made to last in marine environments, snowy mountain climates, humid tropical regions, or dry deserts. (T15 Star Drive)
8 X 1-1/2" Stainless Steel Screws
$36.55/350 pcs
$104.42/1050 pcs
8 X 2" Stainless Steel Screws
$43.11/350 pcs
$123.17/1050 pcs
8 X 3-1/8" Stainless Steel Screws
$53.42/350 pcs
$152.62/1050 pcs
ipe oil
Ipe Oil
(1 gallon), Covers approx. 300 square feet. Specially formulated for use on Ipe Decking. This finish was developed to enhance and protect the beauty of Ipe Hardwood Decking.
messmers deck oil
Messmers UV Plus Finish
(1 gallon), Covers approx. 300 square feet. Click here for more info.
deckwise deck cleaner
DeckWise® Deck & Wood Cleaner (Part 1)
Clean up to 600 square feet of wood surface per 16 ounce jar, or up to 1,200 per 32 ounce jar. One container makes up to five gallons of cleaning solution.
$15.75 per 16 oz. jar
$31.50 per 32 oz. jar
deckwise deck brightener
DeckWise® Deck & Wood Brightener (Part 2)
Brighten up to 600 square feet of wood surface per 16 ounce jar, or up to 1,200 per 32 ounce jar. One container makes up to five gallons of brightening solution.
$15.75 per 16 oz. jar
$31.50 per 32 oz. jar
decking end seal
Ipe Seal End Sealer
End sealer for coating end grain cuts. Approximately 1 quart for every 500 square feet of decking.
hardwood deck wrench
Hardwood Wrench
Self-locking deck board straightening tool. This tool is used to hold deck boards straight while fasteners are being installed. It cam locks into place and applies much more bending power than other methods of straightening deck boards. For more info click > Deck Board Straightening Tool
A specialized pry bar for bending deck boards straight. Locks into place while you fasten the boards. Learn more about the Bowrench®
> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <

Ipe Decking Shipping Times

City, State Time City, State Time
Baltimore , Maryland (MD) 1-2 Days Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN) 3-5 Days
Boston, Massachusetts (MA) 2-3 Days Nashville, Tennessee (TN) 2-3 Days
Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) 1-2 Days Orlando, Florida (FL) 1-2 Days
Chicago, Illinois (IL) 2-4 Days Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) 1-2 Days
Cincinnati, Ohio (OH) 1-2 Days Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) 1-2 Days
Dallas, Texas (TX) 3-4 Days Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) 1-2 Days
Denver, Colorado (CO) 4-5 Days Richmond, Virginia (VA) 1-2 Days
Greenville, South Carolina (SC) 1-2 Days Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) 4-5 Days
Kansas City, Missouri (MO) 3-4 Days San Diego, California (CA) 1-2 Days
Long Island, New York (NY) 1-3 Days San Francisco, California (CA) 1-3 Days
Los Angeles, California (CA) 1-2 Days Seattle, Washington (WA) 1-3 Days
Memphis, Tennessee (TN) 2-3 Days Tampa, Florida (FL) 1-2 Days
New Jersey 1-3 Days NJ Coast 2-3 Days
Shipping Times May VARY... Please Contact Us For Exact Shipping Times and Rates

More About Ipe Decking

pregrooved Ipe Decking with Ipe Clip hidden deck fasteners
Above: Picture of our Pregrooved Ipe Decking. With a Ipe Clip ® hidden deck fastener. The Ipe Clip ® fasteners give a deck surface free of nail or screw holes and speeds installation time. The bottom legs of the Ipe Clip ® fasteners preset the gap spacing between deck boards giving a nice uniform gap spacing throughout the deck.  The stainless steel screw is driven at a 45 degree angle through the fastener, through the deck board, and into the joist.  The next board then slides onto the other half of the Ipe Clip®fastener that is protruding.

Why Buy From Us???

We are direct importers of Ipe decking so you save money and receive the highest quality. Our decking is 100% clear with nice color, which is hand selected by our own employees to meet your needs. Our pregrooved Ipe system saves labor time, looks better, & is more stable. In a hurry???...We can often ship the west coast in 4 days, the east coast in 1 to 3 days. Call for current order backlog.

Call us toll free 1-877-232-3915 for a free sample pack. Sample packs include a pregrooved decking sample, samples of Ipe Clip ® hidden deck fasteners, & product literature. Samples of T&G Ipe porch decking & other items are available upon request.

20-Year Ipe Decking Warranty